Musicianship Theory

"An understanding of how written symbols relate to the elements of music, and having the skills to interpret and translate them into sounds, empowers us to communicate and experience music in a meaningful way... So, music theory is a very practical subject that is completely entwined with performance and composition." - Royal Schools of Music Theory syllabus outline

The Musicianship Theory classes will help your child to read and understand musical notation more fully.

In addition to gaining a broader comprehension of the fundamental elements of music, they will also be able to improve their reading skills on their chosen instrument.

Students are taught in small group classes and work at their own pace using theory workbooks appropriate for their individual level.

Beginners with no previous theory background or students with a little more experience on their instrument and who would like to broaden their skill base are all welcome.

The opportunity to undertake the Royal Schools of Music graded theory exams is also available for students wanting an internationally recognised theory qualification.